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logothework The Work of Byron Katie
The official website for the Work of Byron Katie.  Everything you need in order to do The Work is available free on their website.


Synchronique EditionsImprimer
Synchronique Editions is a French publishing house dedicated to proposing quality texts and fine books on the Eastern wisdoms and cultures (China, Japan, India) and non-dualistic spirituality (yoga, Taoism, Zen Buddhism …). Synchronique Editions publishes several books of Byron Katie in French.

Logo Aimer ce qui estAimer ce qui est

The French association Aimer ce qui est organizes the event Loving what is – One day with Byron Katie in Paris.

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The Work France
The association, The Work France, organizes regular workshops and meetings to practice The Work of Byron Katie. The Work France follows the development of the Work of Byron Katie in the world and informs the development of the later in France.


L'Univers d'Esther, la boutique pour le corps, l'esprit et l'âme
L’Univers d’Esther


Humanity's Team, ensemble pour l'humanité    Humanity’s Team




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